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DSTO Moore: Using Photography to Make Macon Better

If it’s for you, it’s for you the saying goes. Black Millennials are manifesting this at a record pace and proving that with determination, faith, hard work, and resources, success can be obtained. Take Macon based photographer DSTO Moore for instance. He took a leap of faith four years ago and through the things mentioned previously combined with his newfound love, passion, and gift-photography- created a place in the sun for under the radar folks. In addition to making money, millennials are about empowering people. DSTO is balancing both by way of his profession proving it’s possible to spread love and joy through what you do to make a living. You got to respect that. Read on for more details on DSTO courtesy of MGI monthly contributor Clarence Thomas, Jr. Enjoy! – Cornelia Walker; Publisher, Middle Georgia Informer...

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